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Mango - Calypso® Mango

Mango - Calypso® Mango

Calypso® Mangoes are a specific mango variety scientifically known as the B74. 


The B74 variety has been developed for 20 years, which is the “daughter” of a Kensington Pride and a Sensation. The best of both varieties have been combined into one – giving you the most visibly beautiful and delicious mango experience every time, for any occasion.


Calypso® Mangoes feature a smaller seed, so you have more juicy cheek to enjoy!  They have a firmer flesh that is perfectly suited to using in salads, grilled on the BBQ, and even cooked lightly on the stove or using the oven.


Calypso® Mangoes also have a fibre-free flesh, so you don't get the "bits" stuck in your teeth. No fibres mean that they're great for pureeing, and are ideal for chutney and sauces.


A 200g serve of ripe mango (the equivalent of less than one mango) provides you with up to three times your recommended daily intake of vitamin A and vitamin C.

- Australian Mangoes

Serving suggestions

Delicious tips for Calypso® Mangoes:

  • Cube to present on top of a classic pavlova
  • Combine with cream with tiramisu
  • Add to skewers with cooked prawns
  • Present slivers alongside breakfast pancakes


Available from October to March.

How to select

Your Calypso® Mango is perfect when the beak end (not the one with the stem) gives just slightly to gentle pressure from your thumb… be careful not to press too hard! If it’s too soft, the mango is too ripe (but would be perfect to puree), if it’s firm you’ll need to store for a day or two before it’s perfect. Also Calypso® Mangoes have much higher percentage of blush than other varieties. To ensure your Calypso® is ready to eat make sure there is no green tinge to the skin and it has turned golden yellow in colour. If you prefer to keep your mangoes in the fruit bowl for a few days be sure to pick the mango with a green tinge so it ripens naturally over a few days. This is also a great option if you prefer your mango not as sweet.

How to store

The best place to keep your Calypso® Mango it is at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and heat. A cool spot on your kitchen bench will be just fine but make sure you keep it away from ripening bananas (they’ll make your mango over-ripen very quickly).

How to Prepare

Cutting a Calypso® Mango is easy once you know how! The “hedgehog” is the best way to create cubes of Calypso® Mango, ready for you to use in your favourite recipe or eat fresh – yum! 

Stand your mango on it’s “beak” end, with the stem facing you. The flat edges of the seed run in line with the widest part of the mango, with a cheek either side. Position your knife just to the side of the stem and cut straight down from top to bottom. Your knife will skim past the seed. Cut a criss-cross pattern in the flesh of the cheek, being careful not to cut through the skin. Holding the cheek with the criss-cross pattern up, gently push the skin upwards, as if you were turning the cheek inside out.

How to Open

Where do I get it?

Find us at Woolworths, Coles and your nearest produce retailer.

The Latest News

The Latest News image

Perfection Fresh Australia has purchased the exclusive sales and marketing rights to the Calypso® Mango and has plans to increase consumption of the fruit both domestically and internationally.

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